Speaker Programme - Nadia Jaynes RSFC Career Talk

News - 9 February 2022

Nadia Jaynes is an incredible executive producer who owns her own production company “Little Monk Pictures”, with over 22 years of experience in the film and media industry, producing high-end dramas, TV shows, short films and commercials (including a recent advertisement, Electrify, for Nissan and Nike).

Little Monk Pictures CEO Nadia Jaynes has been selected by Creative England as one of the 2021 Female Founders cohort alongside 14 other influential female entrepreneurs working in the UK screen industry, with her passion of championing authentic often unheard Northern talent, especially from working class backgrounds, highlighting “Northern writers should tell northern stories.”

On Wednesday 2nd February, Nadia generously delivered a speech and Q&A session via teams (due to COVID restrictions) to a group of interested RSFC students, comprised particularly of students studying media and film studies. This speech detailed elements of the industry and the various jobs in film that students don’t realise they too can specialise in and have an ambition to strive towards, similar to Nadia’s inspiring journey. Thank you to Nadia for delivering important messages to the RSFC community.

“There shouldn’t be barriers to what you want to do so don’t let people tell you NO.”

About Nadia:

Nadia Jaynes is from a working-class background in Cumbria, leaving school at 15 but later returning to night college to earn three A levels. She progressed to University where she studied Journalism, setting up a music newspaper. However, Nadia decided this wasn’t her preferred path to take and became a runner for a film company and has inspirationally worked her way up the ranks to the esteemed position of Executive Producer.

Nadia’s Advice to anyone interested in the Film or fashion Industry:

“The experience of education is invaluable” – Nadia recommends that students should find their niche and specialise in a particular area, taking time to develop their skillset and undergo training from the ground up.

Nadia has recently revealed a new Menswear high-end clothing line manufactured and based in Manchester with a goal of becoming a global company to rebuild the textiles industry in Manchester, instead of alternatively importing fast fashion. Her clothes were launched in a big event in October 2021 on Flannels London Oxford Street, and ambassadors wearing these items have appeared in music videos and album covers.

Nadia recommends any students interested in fashion photography or screenwriting to practise all the time on a daily level to improve and hone your skills while learning and working hard.

Advice to RSFC Students:

“Was it hard being from the North to succeed?”

What motivates Nadia is opening doors for people in Nadia’s previous situation from diverse backgrounds and not caring about what other people may think. Rather than qualifications, background or opportunities, Nadia looks for students that are passionate.

“Any of us are capable of doing anything”

Nadia advocates that every one of us at RSFC can succeed as there is “no right or wrong way,” if you are passionate with a willingness to do the small tasks, being helpful in a team and having a positive “can do” attitude!

Overall, the event was educational for aspiring students unanimously inspiring for everyone involved.