Parliament Trip

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News - 1 April 2022

Last week, some of our Law and enrichment students went on an exciting trip to London to visit Parliament. Students were given a tour of Parliament and explored the history behind how democracy began. Students were enlightened about the different areas within Parliament and particularly enjoyed the history of the House of Lords and learning about the Robing Room.

The students met privately with the local MP Tony Lloyd, who spoke about his career as an MP and answered any questions the students had.

"I really enjoyed the parliament tour because it was educational and interesting to see the House of Lords firsthand. It helped me gain a better understanding of what takes place within parliament. The talk with Tony Lloyd was also pleasant because it gave me hope to think that even someone from Rochdale has a role within parliament." - Lucy Fitzgerald

"I enjoyed seeing the House of Lords and learning new information." - Aksa Ali

"What a great pleasure it was to walk the corridors of power and witness where history was made. The building's history was presented very well, and the questions were answered adequately. Most enjoyable." - Isbah Hussain

"Philip was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole tour! His cheery disposition and in-depth knowledge of everything made it truly wonderful!" - Anika Hussai

"Parliament was extremely informative, educational, and entertaining." -Sabaa Hussain

After the tour, students went over to the Home Office and were given a talk from ex-student Mya Eastwood about careers within the Civil Service and day-to-day life as a Civil Servant working in policy around Modern Slavery and Organised Crime.

Students were then given an activity debating if social media should be banned for anyone under 18 years old. Students had to come up with policy ideas, and present them to members of the civil service (who were acting as government) to see if they would implement their ideas.

"I found the talk to be an eye-opener because I didn't know there are that many different career paths that law can take you into." - Lucy Fitzgerald

"I liked debating with the workers about the policy options." - Aksa Ali

"It was a great experience to find out more about the work of a civil servant, I thoroughly enjoyed it." - Isbah Hussain

"Meeting members of the Civil service was both inspiring and informative. The activity provided me with a clear insight into the type of work civil servants do on a day-to-day basis." - Anika Hussain

"A good experience to see what you could be doing if you become a civil servant." - Sabaa Hussain