Student Union

Rochdale Sixth Form College places a very strong emphasis on the involvement of its students in the running and organisation of the College. We are keen to ensure that students shape our future direction and seek student views through focus groups, questionnaires and the Student Union.

The Student Union is led by the President and Vice President, along with a number of SU members. The President and Vice President, regularly visit tutorials to gain student views on a range of subjects.

The main responsibilities of the President and Vice President are:

  • To communicate key issues in College with the student body and the staff.
  • Campaign for and promote positive changes within the College for the benefit of the College community.
  • Attend some governor's meetings and update them on the issues in College and the work of the SU.
  • Organise and execute events for the student body.
  • Represent the College at events both in and outside of College.
  • Act as a role model to other students.
  • Hold regular meetings with and direct the SU cabinet on their duties.

If you have any suggestions or would like to get in touch with the SU, please email:



At RSFC, our Student Performance and Development Leaders are here to help you achieve your full potential! Your SPDL will be your critical and professional friend, meeting weekly to discuss your goals, track progress, and support your transition to college life.
@RochdaleSFC - July 16
Former Falinge Park High School student Arianna completed A levels in English Language, Film Studies, and Media Studies. Arianna is currently studying Law at the University of Liverpool. Well done!
@RochdaleSFC - July 15
Last term Hamer Primary School students attended our Y6 Science Day. They explored combustion reactions, identified metals using Bunsen burners, built structures with jelly tots, witnessed the screaming jelly baby & hydrogen balloon experiments, & created Skittles chromatography.
@RochdaleSFC - July 14
In June, 25 of our year 12 students competed in the British Physics Olympiad, testing their Physics skills. They achieved 3 Gold, 4 Silver, and 18 Bronze medals. Congratulations to all!
@RochdaleSFC - July 13
In June, year 13 students presented their work at the annual Art Exhibition. The showcase included a wide range of disciplines such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, textiles, printmaking, and digital art.
@RochdaleSFC - July 12
Last month, students ventured to Oxford, for an enriching open day residential trip. They had the opportunity to choose from a variety of insightful talks and engaging seminars to attend.
@RochdaleSFC - July 11
Last month, students ventured to St John's College, Cambridge, for an enriching open day residential trip. They had the opportunity to choose from a variety of insightful talks and engaging seminars to attend.
@RochdaleSFC - July 10
Forty Psychology students recently visited Krakow, for an enriching trip, exploring the city’s vibrant culture and significant historical sites like Auschwitz-Birkenau.
@RochdaleSFC - July 9
Thank you to everyone who attended New Student Welcome Day! The college was buzzing with excitement, and we hope you all had an amazing experience. We look forward to seeing you on enrolment day!
@RochdaleSFC - July 8
Taster Day Three - Done ✅Last Wednesday was our final taster day of the year, massive thank you to all the schools that have joined us. We hope you had an amazing time and we hope you all have a fantastic summer!
@RochdaleSFC - July 8
Former Wardle Academy student Louis completed A levels in Business, Economics, and PE. Louis performed brilliantly and is now completing a degree apprenticeship in Finance at Deloitte.
@RochdaleSFC - July 6
It's New Student Welcome Day on Monday! We look forward to welcoming our new cohort of students to RSFC. NSWD is a great way to meet your tutors, teachers, and classmates. We can't wait to meet you all! Remember to accept your place on the CEDAR portal. 👋
@RochdaleSFC - July 5
Your vote is your voice! Polling stations are open until 10pm. Find your polling station and everything you need to know about the at Remember to bring your photo ID.
@RochdaleSFC - July 4
Taster Day Two - Done ✅ Thank you to everyone who attended our second Taster Day! It was great to have you all here and experience a bit of RSFC. We hope you all had a lovely day.
@RochdaleSFC - July 2
Introducing our new Mental Health Ambassadors! After eight weeks of training with The Charlie Waller Trust and our college counsellors, thirty-eight students are now prepared to help support their peers. Read more here:
@RochdaleSFC - July 1
Taster Day One - Done ✅ Thank you to everyone who attended our first Taster Day! It was great to have you all here and experience a bit of RSFC. We hope you all had a lovely day.
@RochdaleSFC - June 28
🎉 VOLUNTEERS WANTED 🎉 We’ve a range of opportunities available from marshalling to artist liaison. Email and we'll be in touch 😍
@RochdaleSFC - June 27
Thank you to everyone who attended our year 11 applicant parents’ and carers’ evening. It was great to welcome you all to RSFC.
@RochdaleSFC - June 26
Last Wednesday, 112 Business students enjoyed a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. They attended a workshop about marketing, finance, and attraction design. Students then explored the Park's attractions in the lovely sunny weather. Read more here:
@RochdaleSFC - June 25
Last week we were joined by author, poet, and playwright, . Lemn read from his memoir "My Name Is Why" and shared his poems, engaging with our students. Lemn also opened the Sissay building at Kingsway Park High School, receiving a warm welcome from staff and students.
@RochdaleSFC - June 24