Student Union

Rochdale Sixth Form College places a very strong emphasis on the involvement of its students in the running and organisation of the College. We are keen to ensure that students shape our future direction and seek student views through focus groups, questionnaires and the Student Union.

The Student Union is led by the President and Vice President, along with a number of SU members. The President and Vice President, regularly visit tutorials to gain student views on a range of subjects.

The main responsibilities of the President and Vice President are:

  • To communicate key issues in College with the student body and the staff.
  • Campaign for and promote positive changes within the College for the benefit of the College community.
  • Attend some governor's meetings and update them on the issues in College and the work of the SU.
  • Organise and execute events for the student body.
  • Represent the College at events both in and outside of College.
  • Act as a role model to other students.
  • Hold regular meetings with and direct the SU cabinet on their duties.

If you have any suggestions or would like to get in touch with the SU, please email:



RSFC students are jet-setting across the globe this week, with stops in Austria, New York, and Brussels. Students are already soaking up the best of Brussels, enjoying a guided tour, visiting the European Parliament, and exploring the Comic Arts Museum.
@RochdaleSFC - February 19
Wishing all students and staff a happy half-term! Enjoy the well-earned rest, and we’ll see you back on Monday, February 26.
@RochdaleSFC - February 16
Today, RSFC presented The Inspired Wellbeing Talks, in collaboration with . Hosted by , the panel of speakers included , Zee Jogi, , and , who all shared insightful perspectives on their mental health journeys.
@RochdaleSFC - February 16
Well done to all of our year 12 students who collected their synoptic results today! If you need any support, please talk to your SPDL.
@RochdaleSFC - February 14
Good luck to all of our year 12 students who are collecting their synoptic results today!
@RochdaleSFC - February 14
Recently, our Principal, Karl Smith, visited St. John’s College, Cambridge, where he engaged in discussions with representatives from Cambridge and Oxford University. This visit played a pivotal role in reinforcing our partnership and continuing to raise aspirations at RSFC.
@RochdaleSFC - February 13
Wishing our students, staff, and community a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year.
@RochdaleSFC - February 10
Thank you to all the students who attended their college interview tonight!
@RochdaleSFC - February 8
Want to share the love this Valentine's Day? Whether it's for a significant other or just a gift to show your friends how much you love them, The SU has you covered! From 7-11 February, the SU will be selling Valentine’s gifts to raise money for Cancer Research UK
@RochdaleSFC - February 6
It's National Apprenticeship Week so we thought we'd share one of our successful students who went on to start a degree apprenticeship following their time at RSFC. Kate is now completing a Degree Apprenticeship in Quantity Surveying. Read her story here:
@RochdaleSFC - February 5
Former Kingsway Park High School student Yasir completed A levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and Physics. Yasir is currently studying Mathematics at The University of Manchester. Well done!
@RochdaleSFC - February 4
Massive thanks to Dr. Richard Elwes for an engaging discussion on Infinity and the Limits of Mathematics with our students last week.
@RochdaleSFC - February 3
Today we were joined by Split Banana, an organisation dedicated to engaging with students and communities on the vital topics of healthy relationships, intimacy, and consent. Many thanks for speaking to our students so openly.
@RochdaleSFC - February 2
Today is Time to Talk Day. Every year, it’s a day for friends, families, communities, and workplaces to come together to talk, listen, and hopefully change lives. Reach out to your SPDL whenever you require support. Your SPDL is here to lend a helping hand whenever you need it.
@RochdaleSFC - February 1
RSFC students have been undertaking their synoptic exams at the newly renovated Rochdale Town Hall. The Rochdale Town Hall, a masterpiece of Victorian architecture, has been meticulously restored to preserve its historic charm while embracing modern functionality.
@RochdaleSFC - January 31
Former Todmorden High School student Finn completed A levels in Geography, History, and Politics. Finn is currently studying Military History at the University of Kent. Well done!
@RochdaleSFC - January 28