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I am worried about the interview - what will it be like?

The interview is very informal and enables you to ask any questions you may have. It provides an opportunity for the College to find out a little more about you and to ensure that your subject choices are right for you and your chosen future career. It isn’t anything to worry about!

Will I get help with the university application process?

Yes. Your Student Performance and Development Leader will go over this with you during tutorial sessions, which you will have once a week.

Can I access my college work from home?

Yes. You can log on remotely to the college network to gain 24-hour access to your documents and programmes.

What is the dress code at RSFC?

We recognise that self-expression is part of being an emerging adult; however, students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to a purposeful and diverse sixth form college. Clothing bearing inappropriate language or images, or revealing items of clothing are not allowed.

Will I get support finding a career placement?

Your Student Performance and Development Leader and the Employability Co-ordinator will work with you to plan your opportunities for progression and support you in finding relevant work experience. All students are able to request support with obtaining a career placement to assist with applications for further study and employment.

How do I apply?

Pick up a prospectus from your school, local careers office or contact the college and ask for one to be sent to your home. You can download the prospectus from our website and all of our subject guides can also be found there as well as being available at our open events.

Read the prospectus, look at the subject guides and start thinking carefully about the subjects you might want to study – you might want to speak to your subject teachers or careers adviser at school.

Complete an online application form on our website