Which Subjects Should I Choose?

Choosing subjects to study at sixth form college is both exciting and demanding. RSFC has a firm commitment to ensuring that you start and finish on the course that is right for you. We place great emphasis on pre-course guidance to ensure that your subject choices are appropriate and match your aspirations. Here are some hints and tips on choosing the right subjects for you:

  • Think about any future progression plans you are considering. This could be a particular higher education course or career that you are really interested in – check the entry requirements and any specific subjects that you need to achieve your goals.
  • Choose subjects that you are good at – this will give you the best chance of achieving your potential.
  • Choose subjects that you enjoy! You are much more likely to achieve your potential in subjects that you enjoy studying.
  • Discuss your future plans with us at your interview so we can offer advice and guidance on the most appropriate programme of study