We are delighted with the Ofsted Inspection, 2013. The inspection recognises just how far we have travelled as an organisation since we opened in 2010. The Ofsted inspection has given the endorsement the staff and students deserve for their passionate commitment and hard work. We continue to strive to be even better every day in every way.

Full Ofsted Report

Students make excellent progress and most achieve their A-level qualifications and progress to university. A culture of high expectations permeates the college at all levels; students enjoy lessons and their attendance and punctuality are excellent.

Assessment is outstanding; teachers provide very detailed written feedback on marked work and give clear advice on how to improve. Students’ individual progress is monitored very closely; prompt and effective action is taken to improve the performance of individual students who are not achieving their high target grades.

Particular attention is given to improving the quality of students’ written work. Students develop a good understanding of subject specialist terminology and use it well to apply to different contexts and examination questions. Teachers routinely correct students’ spelling and punctuation errors.

Students receive outstanding information, advice and guidance from personal tutors to help them progress to higher education or an apprenticeship but opportunities for work experience to support learning are limited.

The link to the school and college performance tables is here: www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/144463/rochdale-sixth-form-college/16-to-18