Staff and students are celebrating again at Rochdale Sixth Form College as Ofsted awards the College an Outstanding grade for the second time in a row after an inspection in October 2022. The College, which was awarded Sixth Form College of the Year by the TES in 2021, has been one of the top-performing in the country since it opened in 2010.

Full Ofsted ReportThe College achieved outstanding in all criteria inspected, including: quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management, and provision for learners with high needs.


Students describe their experiences at the College as ‘heart-warming’, ‘enjoyable’, ‘rewarding’, ‘motivational’ and ‘safe’. They talk about their College with pride.

Staff have high aspirations for their students, including those with special educational needs and disabilities. They know their students very well. Teaching staff create highly purposeful and productive learning environments that enable students to flourish academically and personally. 

Teachers are very effective in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in lessons and around the College. Consequently, students leave the College with a set of values and standards that prepares them for their futures. 

Students develop high levels of confidence and resilience as a result of their programmes. For example, students respond positively following mistakes they make in their work and use this experience to self-reflect and to improve their next piece of work. Student support is wide-ranging, well structured and of an excellent quality.

Students participate routinely in an extensive range of highly relevant extra-curricular and volunteering activities. Students contribute to their local community regularly... becoming active and responsible citizens in their local and wider communities. 

Leaders prioritise safeguarding to ensure that students are safe and protected. Students are taught how to keep themselves safe at College, when travelling to and from the College and in their personal lives. 

The link to the school and college performance tables is here: 

Performance Data - Rochdale Sixth Form College