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Are you an aspiring influencer? Are you passionate about creating content, whether it's through photos, videos, or writing? Are you eager to share your Rochdale Sixth Form College experience and contribute to student-led content? If so, get ready to be part of something brand new as we launch our Student Content Creator programme!

As a Student Content Creator at Rochdale Sixth Form College, you'll be responsible for producing videos, photos, and blogs for social media, email, and web platforms throughout the academic year. Showcase what life is like at Rochdale Sixth Form College, covering topics such as:

  • A day in your life as a student
  • 5 reasons to study at RSFC
  • How you travel to college
  • Favourite spots to study in RSFC
  • Trips you’ve been on with college
  • Advice for fellow students or prospective students
  • Tips for managing exam stress

If selected, you'll collaborate with the RSFC Marketing and Communications team to craft content reflecting your unique experiences at Rochdale Sixth Form College. You’ll drive the direction of the content, providing prospective students with a genuine insight into college life and current students with content to enhance their studies and overall experience. This opportunity is a great way to develop your digital marketing and media skills.

This opportunity is open to students from all backgrounds, from any course, designed to seamlessly integrate with your studies. While some tasks, like event coverage, have specific times, most are flexible, allowing you to complete them at your convenience.

As a Student Content Creator, participants can look forward to comprehensive training and engaging workshops. 

Joining the Rochdale Sixth Form College Student Content Creator initiative not only allows you to authentically showcase your experiences but also provides a platform for personal and skill development, fostering creativity, confidence, and valuable additions to your future CVs. Be a part of this exciting journey and let your voice be heard!

Applications must be submitted by Monday 26 February 2024

Apply to become a Student Content Creator

How will my content be used?

You'll likely see your content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. 

Blog posts will be featured on our website and on our newsletter.

What are the benefits of joining the Student Content Creator programme?

Not only does this programme offer an exceptional chance to enhance your digital marketing and media expertise, making it a valuable asset to your CV, but also, for each piece of content you create and share on our platforms, you'll be rewarded with a complimentary Faraday's voucher.

What is the application process like?

Following the submission of your application, our Marketing and Communications team will review all the applications. After careful consideration of each application, candidates will be shortlisted. Successful applicants will receive invitations to participate in an interview. This interview is designed to provide an opportunity for a structured discussion about your motivations for applying to the programme and the specific contributions you envisage making.

Successful candidates will be notified if they are successful and invited to an introductory lunchtime workshop session. Lunch will be provided.

Successful applicants will be briefed on their roles, responsibilities, and the expectations associated with being a Student Content Creator. This will ensure a clear understanding of their contribution to the initiative. The workshop will allow students to engage in an open discussion, sharing ideas and perspectives on how they envision contributing to the initiative.

To equip applicants with the necessary skills and knowledge, a structured training session will be conducted. This training will cover various aspects, including content creation techniques, effective use of social media platforms, and storytelling techniques.

During the training session, examples of content that aligns with the expectations of the initiative will be showcased. This will provide examples of the quality and style of content that is anticipated, offering practical insights and inspiration.