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The RSFC 10

Our expectations of RSFC Students

All students sign a learning agreement when they enrol at Rochdale Sixth Form College. The agreement details what the student can expect from Rochdale Sixth Form College and what we expect from them.

Have high expectations of yourself and your college

You are part of the RSFC community because you are a bright, capable young adult that can achieve great things. Don’t waste the opportunity and have high expectations of yourself and your College. Never settle for second best!

Treat all fellow students and the staff with respect

RSFC is a working community where all people are respected and supported. We expect that other students, staff and the public be treated with respect and courtesy. We expect tolerance of other people’s views and that you comply with the College Code of Conduct and be aware that you are an ambassador of the College and represent RSFC at all times; not just on the College premises.

Attend all lessons on time with the correct equipment

This means subject lessons, tutorials, enrichment activities and one-to-one interviews and appointments. Attendance will be closely monitored in College through Cedar and this is available for parents/carers. It is simple – students that attend all lessons get the most out of College and maximise their potential. Below 95% attendance would be regarded as a serious concern. You should ensure absences are reported to the College by 10am on any day you may be absent.

Always complete classwork and homework to the best of your ability

Keep to the deadlines set by your teachers as it will ensure you stay organised and stress free! If you are having a difficulty in meeting a deadline, then talk to your teacher and do not “bury your head in the sand” thinking it will go away – staff are here to help and will be understanding. 

Be respectful of the College environment, complete work quietly and tidy away after yourself

The College environment is your responsibility! RSFC has an excellent reputation for how the College is treated by all staff and students and it is your responsibility to maintain this! Always use the bins to clear up when you have used the study areas and be respectful of others who will be sharing the space for their study.

Take responsibility for your own learning, use study periods wisely, attend revision sessions and seek help from the subject teachers when needed

In addition to your core programme of study, tutorials and enrichment you will have study periods for the first time, as you don’t have them at school! The Achievement Centre is available to you every day where you can get one-to-one help with study skills and personal organisation. Also, teachers are available in the curriculum resource bases if you wish to go through work on a one-to-one basis. There are also study areas on each floor and ICT facilities in Faraday’s on the 5th floor.

Behave appropriately around college

RSFC hopes to help develop confident young adults that feel safe at all times. All students and staff will demonstrate social, cultural, spiritual and moral awareness at all times. RSFC students are expected to be thoughtful, caring and active at RSFC and in the wider community.

Wear your Student ID card at all times and ensure it is visible

To make sure that the College is a safe environment for all, you should always wear your ID card and be prepared to show it to any member of staff if asked to do so.

Book holidays outside of term time

You should not book holidays during term time; losing vital days and weeks of study through taking a holiday will impact on your achievement and performance in examinations. This is regarded as unacceptable at RSFC and will not be authorised.

Do not let part-time work interfere with college work

You should have a balance; A levels require 4 hours homework and private study per subject, per week. We encourage you to obtain a part time job as it is a great experience, however you should at no point let this interfere with College work, i.e. it should not be during College hours and we recommend no more than 8 hours per week.


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