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Student Performance & Development Leaders (SPDLs)

Individualised Support: Supporting you to achieve your potential

Moving from a school to a sixth form college is an exciting time. Life is fast moving and challenging, and we are very keen to take great care to ensure that all students who join RSFC have the individual support they need.

At RSFC there is a strong focus on one-to-one work and this happens in many different ways. We have study areas on each floor where you can obtain extra help out of your normal lesson time to support your academic development. Teachers are available in their non-contact time to assist you with your work in a supportive manner. This also challenges you to stretch yourself to achieve an even higher grade.

Student Performance and Development Leader: One-To-One

At RSFC we have a specialist team of Student Performance and Development Leaders (SPDLs). We want to get to know you well so that we can help you to achieve your full potential. Your SPDL will be your critical and professional friend whilst you are studying with us. You will meet with them each week and you will have regular one-to-one meetings to talk exclusively about you!

Your SPDL will help you to settle quickly into College life and they will work with you to ensure you achieve the best results possible. Your SPDL will help you to think about your goals, set targets to enable you to reach those goals and track your progress. Being a sixth form student is about being an independent learner and being able to self-evaluate, which means recognising your strengths and weaknesses and taking responsibility for your own learning. Your SPDL will have a clear overview of your academic and personal development whilst at College and will support you along your journey to success. They will be a central supportive figure in your transition from school to College, as well as managing all aspects of your progression to higher education and employment. Your SPDL will be the point of contact for your teachers and your parents/carers should any issues or concerns arise.

Target Setting and Academic Monitoring: One-To-One

Whilst we work with you on a one-to-one basis every day, twice a year you will sit down formally with each of your teachers to discuss your progress. These discussions will allow you to be clear on how you are performing in each subject and provide you with clear targets so you can move to the next grade. Once you have had a monitoring discussion with each subject teacher, your SPDL will have an extended discussion to consider your overall progress, and any additional support that may be required.

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