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Sixth Form Specialists

As a dedicated sixth form college all our attention and focus is on ensuring your time with us is to ensure you achieve the very best you can. To be supported in your transition to meet the demands of A level study whilst laying the foundations for your next steps.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learningAt RSFC teaching is delivered by sixth form specialists who are focused on supporting your transfer from GCSE and your successful onward progress to university, apprenticeships or employment. In order to do this, teaching staff at the College will employ a whole range of research teaching and learning strategies to support you in your journey to be an effective independent learner.

We want you to leave the College capable of learning successfully throughout your life. As set out in the RSFC 10 we expect you to take responsibility for your own progress with the support of your subject teachers and your SPDL. You will set SMART targets for how you can develop as a learner to meet the demands of A level study.

Becoming an effective independent learner

Success in employment and higher education depends on the ability to be resourceful, independent and adaptable. To help develop these qualities, students are given guidance on study skills and independent access to resources and facilities, both physical and digital, which support their development of skills towards successful progression into the world of work and higher education.

Virtual learning environment

Students at RSFC will have access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a powerful tool to support independent learning. As well as enabling students to access all resources used in the classroom, the VLE also houses bespoke revision videos, interactive quizzes, and a range of multimedia content. 

Achievement Centre

Achievement centreOur student study area, The Achievement Centre, is an extensive and purposeful learning environment. Here you’ll find a quiet, comfortable location to complete independent study, alongside specialist staff who are available to support you with your learning. Learning Support Officers (LSOs) are available to offer support in all aspects of your studies, including academic writing, organisation, time-management and revision techniques. It is open from 8:00am – 6:00pm Monday to Thursday and 8:00am – 4:00pm Friday.