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News - 15 February 2022

On Wednesday 9th February 2022, Rochdale Sixth Form welcomed Anna Morrison and her team to discuss her marketing and design company, Mozzington, as part of the RSFC speaker programme. Mozzington provides design services such as brand and logo design, video editing and production, graphic design and illustration etc. Mozzington is a non-profit agency aiming to provide jobs and experience in the newly emerging creativity industry. One great example of the work Mozzington creates, is their two-and-a-half-year rebrand for Heinz, which is still used today all over the world.

The creative industry is the largest and fastest-growing industry in the UK and contributes two trillion a year to the global economy. The creative industry involves the things that we see, hear and surround us wherever we go, whether it’s in the media, or on billboards in the streets. With marketing and design becoming so influential in our modern world, it is certainly a viable career path for young, aspirational students who are unsure of what they want to do. This career is particularly suited to the younger generation, with 50% of people involved in the creative industry being between 15-30 years old. Additionally, a career in the creative industry may appeal to those wanting to earn a high income, as even junior annual pay can start at £20,000 a year and can rise to as much as £250,000 a year.

Anna and her team also discussed the various skills and qualifications that employers look for in potential employees. Contrary to belief, there is no particular background or qualifications that are required in the creative industry. Whether you study graphic design or business, there are plenty of opportunities available for you. Remarkably, a large amount of people in the industry come from journalism backgrounds, some even studying history, which aren’t normally linked directly to creativity and marketing. The main skills employers are looking for, particularly at Mozzington, are employees who are passionate about their work and are able to comfortably talk through their thought process. Creativity is so broad and means that the majority of skills are learnt on the job, so employers generally look for people who are encouraged to actively participate in this learning process.

Overall, it is clear to see that marketing and the creative industries are great options for students who are interested in media and business, as well as students who may be unsure what they want to do. This career path offers both a platform for starting out, and the possibility of a long-term career, which suits the needs of many different people. In addition to this, the creative and marketing industry can also act as a stepping stone for people who want to try out a range of careers and select which suits them best. 

By Jack Kelly - Student Union President