Year 12 French trip to Alliance Française

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News - 22 April 2022

Before half term, Year 12 French students attended the Alliance Française in Manchester. The Alliance is an organisation that promotes the French language and French-speaking cultures throughout the world. Students were welcomed by Xavier, the director of the alliance, who introduced the centre and the ‘mediatheque’ and the students discovered more about French speaking countries and their cultures.

Students also watched a film in French - intitled De Gaulle - which is set in the Second World War and explains the role that Charles De Gaulle played in freeing France. Afterwards students attended a workshop with Miryam, a French teacher from Quebec, and analysed and discussed the film. The whole day was led in French and the students did themselves proud!

The trip was a fantastic preparation for the next stage of the A level in which students study French cinema and the film ‘Au revoir les enfants’. During the visit, students had the opportunity to have lunch at Robert & Victor, where they were served sandwiches made with French bread baked by French bakers with flour imported from Paris! It was a fantastic cultural experience.