Ecology Field Studies Trip to Malham Tarn

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News - 21 June 2022

Recently, RSFC students took part in an intensive and fully immersive Ecology field studies trip to Malham Tarn. The stunning scenery provided the perfect backdrop for students to observe ecological interactions and biological processes of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems.

Students also developed their understanding of the different time scales involved in the natural processes of primary succession and colonisation by pioneer species through to climatic climax communities. Students were able to then apply statistical analysis to the data that they collected first hand.

This will, without doubt, be a trip that these students will remember for a long time and enable them to apply this experience to the Biology course. 

"The Ecology trip was great fun and such a valuable learning experience. I developed so many new practical skills in the field of Ecology. The trip was non-stop activities from ecological succession to freshwater energetics, including the ethical trapping and releasing of woodland mammals. The best part of the trip was making new friends and having the opportunity to learn in the natural beauty of the Yorkshire Dales."

Zainab Nadeem - Year 12 Biology student

"The students (and staff) had such a fantastic time. They really immersed themselves in the world of Ecology. Seeing the awe and wonder in their eyes and the respect they demonstrated for the specimens they collected, was incredible. The learning and development that took place was substantial and obvious. What a great experience for all."

Debs Hamilton - Subject Leader of BTEC Science