Danny Wilsher – Damaged Goods

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News - 10 January 2023

On Monday 9th January, we were delighted to welcome Danny Wilsher to RSFC. Danny is one of the youngest mental health speakers in the UK and is the founder of Damaged Goods, an organisation formed to raise awareness around mental health & the effects of childhood trauma.

Danny was born and grew up in Rochdale and Greater Manchester. Danny is an award winning mental health ambassador and speaker.

Danny delivered his talk to over 900 students, which was based on raising awareness around mental health and well-being stemming from the effects of his own childhood trauma. Danny discusses key messages of hope, taking positive action and stresses the importance of seeking the right support. Danny’s story and ideas will support students in building their own resilience and reflect on their own well-being.

"Danny’s background and story are very similar to mine – I found the talk inspiring and it made me realise that there are positive solutions and things I can do to help myself and move forward. Danny was very open and honest and this has motivated me to get support now."

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"Although Danny doesn’t promote his talk as being inspirational – it certainly was. The talk has inspired all students in different ways. Whether it is individuals connecting to Danny’s story through their own personal experiences or being motivated to take action and make small steps in improving their own well-being. Danny is professional, honest and approachable – making all students and staff feel comfortable and engage."

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Massive thanks to Danny for delivering such a poignant and insightful session.