Student Mental Wellbeing

How can your son/daughter’s SPDL and the college counsellor provide support?

The SPDLs will listen to your son/daughter’s concerns, whether they are feeling stressed, anxious, apprehensive about the changes ahead or have trouble sleeping . Once we have a picture of your situation, we will then help you to find the right support. It may be that we refer you to external specialist services or we might refer them to the College Counsellor, Sasha Dickie. Whatever the outcome, we will support your son/daughter on their journey to make sure they receive the support they need.

The College Counsellor

Sasha Dickie is our professionally trained counsellor and experienced in listening to young people. As the College counsellor, she is used to talking to students about a range of issues and any information shared with them is confidential, unless the student is at risk, in which case the information will be passed to the Assistant Principal, Helen Dainty – Designated Safeguarding Lead, who will then support the young person and make any necessary referrals.