Student Mental Wellbeing

How can your young person’s SPDL and the College Counsellor provide support?

The SPDLs will listen to your young person's concerns, whether they are feeling stressed, anxious, apprehensive about the changes ahead or have trouble sleeping. Once we have a picture of your situation, we will then help you to find the right support. It may be that we refer you to external specialist services or we might refer them to the College Counsellor. Whatever the outcome, we will support them on their journey to make sure they receive the support they need.

The College Counsellor

At RSFC we have a specialist British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) registered counsellor who is available to provide a variety of counselling techniques tailored to support your young person's individual needs at the earliest opportunity. When required, the counsellor will also refer to, and work alongside, external agencies to provide holistic support for your young person. In addition to the one-to-one counselling, the College Counsellor aims to promote emotional wellbeing by improving their knowledge and understanding of mental illness and helping them to build on their skills to gain emotional resilience.

Parent and Carers Infographic

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