Applied science


The pre-graduate pathway is based around specific subject areas and is designed to consolidate and develop your knowledge in preparation for university application. Some pre-graduate programmes link directly to existing A level subjects, whereas others are intended to bridge the gap between sixth form and university courses.

20th Century British Culture

In this enrichment course, you will study some of the major events in late 20th Century British history and their effects on British and global culture. Some of these topics are: The rise of the far right, skinhead culture and the influence of Margaret Thatcher; pop culture, Aids and the visibility of LGBTQ* people in the 80s; Tony Blair and the Gulf War in 90s pop culture. This enrichment programme would be suitable for anyone studying English, history, film or media studies, or those generally wanting to develop their research and analytical skills.


American Studies

In this enrichment programme, you will be introduced to some of the major topics in American history and explore their impact on culture, and specifically film. Some of the topics are The Western Frontier and Serenity, The Vietnam War and Avatar, The McCarthy Era and Bladerunner, The Civil Rights Movement and Milk and The Regan Era and American Psycho. This enrichment programme would be suitable for anyone studying subjects such as history, film studies or English, or simply those with an interest in exploring the cultural and historical impact of America as a nation.

Anatomy & Pathology

Students will be provided with an extended view into the techniques of animal and insect dissection. This enrichment would be suitable for all students as an additional interest, but particularly those students with an aim to enter the medical, veterinary, or marine biology professions. Dissections will include a mammal (rat), and bony fish (trout) and insect (cricket/locust). Students will be given the opportunity to study the anatomy of each organism in detail and make comparisons/identify differences between physiologies and determine how and why each organism has evolved the physiology it has. This enrichment will also provide opportunities to develop key practical microbiological techniques which include culturing microorganisms, staining and identification of microorganisms and microscopy work.  Students will research the challenges that we face from antibiotic resistance and COVID variants of concern.


The planets, stars and galaxies make up 5% of the matter and energy contained in the Universe. This means 95% of the Universe is made of matter of which we have no understanding! As part of this course, you will learn about the amazing things we do know about the universe, such as the science behind rockets and black holes, as well as the things we are yet to discover, such as the complexity of dark matter and dark energy. If you are passionate about physics, then this is the course for you!

Becoming a Writer

In this enrichment activity, you will take the first steps into developing a professional writing portfolio. You will study a range of different genres through seminar-based teaching, looking at creative and innovative approaches to getting your ideas down on paper. Through seminar discussions, you will develop your work to a high standard and will even have the chance to enter your writing in a national writing competition. This enrichment activity is suitable for anyone considering a career in writing, but could also be useful for those who might want a career in copywriting or journalism.

Biochemistry & Organic Synthesis

This enrichment course provides a hands-on practical approach to biochemistry and organic synthesis. Biochemical practicals will vary from the identification of analgesics to the extraction of DNA from strawberries, and organic practicals will include topic such as the production of Azo dyes. This enrichment course is ideal for A level chemistry students that want to deepen their knowledge beyond the standard curriculum and those interested in studying chemical/biochemical/biomedical courses at degree level.

Biomedical Science

This enrichment course provides a hands-on practical approach to biochemistry and organic synthesis. Biochemical practicals will vary from the identification of analgesics to the extraction of DNA from strawberries, and organic practicals will include topic such as the production of Azo dyes. This enrichment course is ideal for A level chemistry students that want to deepen their knowledge beyond the standard curriculum and those interested in studying chemical/biochemical/biomedical courses at degree level.

Code Breaking and The Maths Challenge

The UK maths challenge (UKMT) is a competition involving 6th form students across the country designed to develop your problem solving and numerical reasoning skills. Working in groups, you will learn about standard ciphers and work to crack to crack a code set by The University of Southampton. You will research codes and coding throughout history and explore how these have affected the world, including the outcome of WWII. This enrichment activity would be suitable for anyone studying maths at A level that wants to develop their problem solving skills beyond the traditional curriculum. 

CREST Award (Science) - 20 weeks

The CREST awards scheme is Britain’s largest national award scheme for project work in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). You will undertake a research project in a field of your choice, completing questionnaires, practical tests, models and research posters, in addition to a written report summarising your project. CREST is a fantastic opportunity for you to deepen your knowledge and skills beyond the classroom curriculum. 

Please note, this enrichment will fill both terms.


Criminology enrichment links well with psychology, sociology and other similar subjects. You will develop research skills by investigating case studies of infamous criminals and advance your analytical skills through exploring the different reasons why people commit crime. This enrichment course is ideal for students studying psychology or sociology at A level, for those considering studying similar subjects at degree or for anyone interested in pursuing a career in areas such as law or social work.

Decision Maths

On this course, you'll explore Maths not covered on the A-level. Decision or Discrete Maths is the study of Maths which we use as a society on a day to day basis, it is the Maths behind your Sat Nav. Decision is the study of optimisation, finding the most efficient solutions to real life problems and has lots of applications in Computer Science.

The material is included in Further Maths A-Level and is therefore not suitable for those students who are studying Further Maths.

Disaster Management

In this enrichment course, you will learn about logistical and decision-making processes involved in managing disaster situations. This includes, but is not limited to, the development and use of map skills; the assessing of various forms of information; planning for refugee camps, and decision-making for the delivery of aid based on map-layer information. This enrichment course is most suitable to those that are studying subjects such as geography at A level, or students wishing to pursue a career or degree in a similar field.

Gardening for the future

In this enrichment you will learn how to garden sustainably, focusing on how we can improve the college and its surroundings. You will plan and design ways to improve the outdoor space in the college focusing on growing food, attracting wildlife, and improving wellbeing. There will also be opportunities to get your hands dirty and plant your own garden. This enrichment is an excellent choice if you have an interest in horticulture and permaculture.

Economic History

This enrichment looks at a range of historical issues such as the causes and impact of the Wall Street Crash, speculative bubbles whether the Nazis really achieved an ‘economic miracle’ in 1930s Germany and comparing the Great Depression with the 21st century’s so-called “Great Recession”. Students will investigate one of these issues in depth and demonstrate skills and qualities valued by universities. Students are not required to be studying either economics or history, and although it would complement those A-levels, the enrichment is suitable for anyone with an interest in these topics or considering a university course.

Gender Studies

The enrichment course will broaden your perspective on how gender impacts the world in which we live. We will explore a range of different gender issues in contemporary society; some of these areas are gender, sex and bodies, gender and violence and work and gender. If you are passionate about exploring complex societal issues and challenging the status quo, then this is an enrichment that will give you knowledge that goes beyond traditional A level subjects. This course may interest those that are studying psychology and sociology, as there is significant overlap with those subjects.

Intro to degree level Maths

In this enrichment you will be introduced to some of the mathematics that forms the first year of a Mathematics degree. In particular you will learn about the different sizes of infinity, you will look at the limits of sequences and learn to construct rigorous proofs. This enrichment is perfect for anyone that is considering a Mathematics degree and wants to experience what it would be like before applying to university.

Introduction to the Gothic

In the gothic movement enrichment course you will explore four seminal texts of the genre - Frankenstein, Dracula, A Picture of Dorian Grey and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - and consider a number of exotic and esoteric theories thereof. You will look at issues of sexuality, gender, power, doubling, and the Other and consider how this genre, in particular, broke the mould of literary acceptability during the seemingly straight laced Victorian era. This enrichment activity is suitable if you are considering studying subjects like English, history or philosophy at university.

Introductory Japanese

Basic Japanese from learning the alphabet to speaking the most useful phrases/questions and language to get by in Japan.

Introductory Spanish

In this enrichment course, we will cover core aspects of the Spanish language to provide you with the elementary expressions that you might need whilst on holiday in Spain or on a business trip. You will learn greetings, numbers, how to say the time, places and directions, food and drinks, or how to ask for help. This course is aimed at total beginners to Spanish that have not studied the subject at GCSE level. 

Law Society

This enrichment is an invaluable opportunity for all students seeking to enter the legal profession. You will create your own legal clinic as a team, crafting the firm’s branding, name and logo. You will then take on the work of a solicitor, learning about how they process a case from the first point of contact to how they research and win a case. This enrichment course aims to give you an insight into the pressures and demands of the legal profession and would be suitable for anyone studying law at A level or those considering law at university. 

Medical Society

A medical career is a challenging pathway, the Medical Society is an enrichment designed around informing you about the requirements and criteria needed to study a degree in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. Learn about the real expectations of what it means to work in such a rewarding, yet challenging career. Whilst also the importance of gaining relevant work experience, and ensuring you are maximising your potential at college to make you a competitive university applicant. This enrichment is suitable for students who study A Level Biology and Chemistry and have a strong GCSE profile.


A moot is a legal debate where students will be presented with a case and will role-play the argument like they’re in court. Students will be allocated legal roles e.g. barrister, witness, usher, and will have time to prepare their case before the moot.


Ever wondered how laws are passed? Want to understand BREXIT better and the effect of such a complex political issue? Then this is the course for you! In this enrichment, you will have the opportunity to explore topics of race, multiculturalism, immigration and human rights, as well as looking at how the politics of the past affects the decisions of today. This enrichment is suitable for anyone studying subjects such as sociology/philosophy/history, students considering a degree in politics, or simply those that want to develop their general political understanding.

Religion: Alternatives to the Big Six

This course explores the more niche corners of faith and spirituality, moving away from 'The Big Six' (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism). From the rise of digital religions to the druidic rituals of Paganism, we will discover how thousands of people’s day to day lives are shaped by the beliefs that don’t conform with those we are most familiar with. To bring this course to life, we will use documentaries as the primary source of knowledge to facilitate our discussions. This is supported by the use of academic journal articles to ensure that you are able to explore these wonderful traditions through both a personal and academic lens. Using notes culminated during the course, the enrichment will conclude with a group discussion around what unites religious beliefs and practices. 

Tackling Climate Change

This enrichment explores the many and varied careers that exist to save our planet by shaping our politics. We will examine the work of our elected representatives, as well as those who work for the Government and local authorities. We will also look at drivers of change, such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who aim to influence policy and political decisions through advocacy and lobbying. During this enrichment, you will learn skills in political lobbying, begin to understand how different organisations help bring about new laws and be inspired by the array of career opportunities that exist in the area of politics and environmental sustainability.

Wildlife and Conservation in Rochdale

Discover the fascinating wildlife right on your doorstep! This enrichment focuses on being outdoors and getting to know the local environment. We will regularly go on wildlife walks and get the opportunity to survey the area for invasive species, like Himalayan balsam, and any other threats to conservation. This enrichment is an excellent choice if you have an interest in zoology, ecology and conservation.

Quentin Tarantino’s Universe

Studying 6 key films across Tarantino's career, there will be a close study of each establishing Tarantino's auteur traits and the impact his postmodern style has had on cinema. Genre and social context will also be studied to gain a full understanding of how ground breaking this auteur is within American cinema.