Applied science


The pre-graduate pathway is based around specific subject areas and is designed to consolidate and develop your knowledge in preparation for university application. Some pre-graduate programmes link directly to existing A level subjects, whereas others are intended to bridge the gap between sixth form and university courses.

20th-Century British

Take a look at the changing face of British culture in post-war Britain, exploring how several major social and historical developments of the last 60 years have shaped literature, drama, film, music, comedy and more.

Advanced Problems in Maths

Beautiful problems with elegant solutions are their own reward – in fact, if you’re that way inclined, there is little in life more satisfying! You will employ some ingenious techniques, out-of-the-box thinking and a healthy dose of brute force to solve a wide range of problems both within the curriculum and beyond, with a nod to the MAT, TMUA and STEP university admissions tests.

Anatomy & Pathology

This enrichment will provide you with an extended knowledge of the bodily structure and physiology of humans as well as other living organisms, revealed by dissection, microscopy, research and video. You’ll study the anatomy of different organisms in detail and make comparisons and identify differences between structures and determine how and why each organism has evolved the physiology it has. The study of the causes and effects of disease or injury on organs such as the eye, heart, lungs, kidney and liver will also be incorporated, mostly through the analysis of blood, tissue and fluid samples as well as extending understanding into some less well-studied afflictions including Neglected Tropical Diseases. This is ideal if you already study A level Biology or Applied Science and want to deepen your knowledge beyond the standard curriculum, especially if you wish to pursue a degree in Biology, Medicine or Veterinary Science in the future.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be expected to take part in lessons on dissection. It is recommended that if you are susceptible to fainting and/ or nausea due to blood etc. then this course may not be suitable for you.

American Studies

American Studies is an introduction to some major topics in American history including the Wild West, the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement and the stories that are told to Americans through the films these events inspired.


Through ‘An Introduction to Astrophysics’ you will learn about the amazing things we do know about the Universe, such as the science behind rockets and black holes. But you will also learn about the things we still have yet to discover such as whether life exists, whether we live in a simulation and what we know about dark matter and dark energy.

Bar Mock Trial (Term 1 only)

The Bar Mock Trial Competition helps you understand how the law touches every aspect of your life, gaining an insight into how the legal justice system works. You are encouraged to think critically, build arguments and boost your confidence. During the session you will look at how criminal trials are carried out and focus on each of the roles within the Crown Court. Then, you will prepare opening and closing speeches and witness testimony, in order to then compete against other schools and colleges in a real Crown Court. This is a unique enrichment where you will develop a sound knowledge and understanding of the role of law and the justice system in our society.

Behavioural Finance

In this enrichment course, you will learn the basics of financial literacy, such as how to create a budget, the compounding impact of debt, how mortgages work, why building an emergency fund is important and how to save for short-term goals such as holidays and a first car. This enrichment activity might be suitable for those studying subjects such as Business or Economics, students considering a career as a financial advisor or anyone looking to improve their personal finance knowledge for later life. Students will also learn about behavioural economics, which is a fusion of economics and psychology that aims to better-understand how we all make decisions.


This concise course aims to deliver a practical approach to solving chemical and biological problems applicable to many fields such as medicine, agriculture and in many chemical and health-related industries.

Book Club (Term 2 only)

Are you secretly wishing you had taken English Literature? Are you having withdrawal symptoms from a lack of books in your life? Are you a Literature student who just wants even more to read? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this is the enrichment for you. In this enrichment, you will discuss the impact of some of the greatest authors you have never been taught, using their words to reflect on the world around you and discuss the issues at hand.

Channel your Inner Bob Ross (Term 1 only)

Learn the techniques to create your own professional Bob Ross landscape painting. You will follow a series of experimental painting workshops that explore the Bob Ross’ signature style. The workshop will help you develop techniques in painting landscape, seascape, floral and wildlife scenery using the wet on wet technique that allows you to develop pieces in a short period of time. You will delve into technical elements such as tool application, layering and mixing to build those iconic “happy trees,” “almighty mountains” and “fluffy clouds”. You will also gain valuable insights into the professional artists' life and learn to work with freedom and expression through mark making and textural paint quality. Just bring yourself and we will provide everything you need to explore a memorable painting experience.

Code Breaking and The Maths Challenge

The UK Maths Challenge (UKMT) is a competition involving sixth form students across the country designed to develop your problem-solving and numerical-reasoning skills. Working in groups, you will learn about standard ciphers and work to crack a code set by the University of Southampton. You will research codes and coding throughout history and explore how these have affected the world, including the outcome of WWII. This enrichment activity would be suitable for anyone studying maths at A level who wants to develop their problem-solving skills beyond the traditional curriculum.

Cosmos and Consciousness

A philosophical and insightful course, which lets you explore and link the cause of the consciousness and the relationship with the cosmos, enriching your wisdom in the chaotic world. This enrichment is suitable for anyone interested in Philosophy, Physics or Maths

CREST Award - 20 weeks

The CREST awards scheme is Britain’s largest national awards initiative for project work in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). You will undertake a research project in a field of your choice, completing questionnaires, practical tests, models and research posters, in addition to a written report summarising your project. CREST is a fantastic opportunity for you to deepen your knowledge and skills beyond the classroom curriculum.


In this course you will explore definitions of crime and how crime can vary over time, place and culture. You will learn about some of the key techniques involved in criminal investigations and examine their usefulness. You will consider the structure of the Criminal Justice System and the role each organisation plays in controlling crime. You will get to hear from people working within the police and probation services. Finally, you will explore different punishments for criminality and assess how well they achieve the different aims of punishment.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is a skill that involves understanding and evaluating reasoning. ‘Reasoning’ is often defined as ‘the act or process of drawing conclusions from facts, evidence, etc'. In Critical Thinking, the word ‘critical’ is used to mean assessing strengths as well as weaknesses, rather than ‘being critical’ in the more negative everyday sense. You are reasoning every time you think about why, whether and how to do something, or whether to believe what someone is telling you. We live in an age in which we are bombarded with media of all types attempting to influence our choices. Critical Thinking can help your judgement by directing you to consider the credibility of evidence and the weaknesses/flaws in arguments.

Decision Maths

Decision Maths is a course which is studied in Further Maths A Level. It's a branch of Mathematics that covers graph theory and algorithms. In this enrichment you will look at topics such as 'Shortest Path' and 'Travelling Salesman' which use 'graphs' to solve problems, but these aren't the graphs you draw on axes! If you have an interest in Maths or Computer Science and you don't do Further Maths A level, then this is the enrichment for you.

Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity (An Introduction)

All the startling conclusions of special relativity, from time travel to E=MC2, come from one idea: the constancy of the speed of light. Take a wild ride into the deepest aspects of reality that defy everyday experience.

Gender Studies

This enrichment course will broaden your perspective on how gender impacts the world in which we live. You will explore a range of different gender issues in contemporary society; some of these areas are gender, sex and bodies; gender and violence; and work and gender. If you are passionate about exploring complex societal issues and challenging the status quo, then this is an enrichment that will give you knowledge that goes beyond traditional A level subjects. This course may interest those who are studying Psychology, Sociology, Law, and Health and Social Care, as there is significant overlap with these subjects.

Introduction to Degree Level Mathematics

In this enrichment you will be introduced to some of the mathematics that forms the first year of a Mathematics degree. In particular you will learn about the different sizes of infinity, you will look at the limits of sequences and learn to construct rigorous proofs. This enrichment is perfect for anyone that is considering a Mathematics degree and wants to experience what it would be like before applying to university.

Logic Puzzles

Nothing beats the feeling of solving a challenging puzzle! In this enrichment you will be presented with a wide variety of different and enjoyable puzzles to solve. You will be encouraged to work together and think creativity to find solutions. The logical thinking skills you will develop are essential for many university courses and also for many careers.

Medical Society (Term 2 only)

Are you an aspiring Doctor, Dentist or Vet? Then this is the enrichment for you! We will show you how to choose the correct course for you. Then we skill you up to give you the best chance of successfully applying. Learn how to tackle the UKCAT and BMAT tests. Learn about the different styles of learning on offer at different universities. Decode the jargon, multiple-mini-interviews, medical morals and ethics. How, where, why and when to apply for work experience. Advice and guidance on how to write that eye-catching personal statement. Work with like-minded individuals to improve your presentation and research skills. All this and more. This enrichment will run from January through into Y13 until after you have completed your UCAS application.


This enrichment will be looking at the diverse nature of microbiology and how it is involved in more places than you think! From the food and water industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic laboratories to cuttingedge gene technology. You will practise laboratory and analytical skills, including identification, as well as researching yourself into where bacteria are used in industry. You’ll be guided in independent study and present findings to strengthen communication skills. This is suitable for you if you love Science and Biology.

Mythical Worlds

This course introduces you to a variety of mythological worlds, in preparation for Classics at university or English Literature and Language, using the monsters in the Harry Potter Wizarding World as a starting point.

Psychology of Social Media

Are you addicted to social media? Do you ever find yourself scrolling endlessly with no track of time? In this enrichment you’ll discover what changes occur in the brain due to excessive social media use. You’ll discover how we become addicted and what strategies social media companies are deploying to manipulate you and bring you back for more screen time! Using psychological theories and concepts you’ll look at the inner workings of the brain and how these change as a result of social media! You will build analytical skills, problem-solving skills, research and creative development skills to prepare you for university!

Psychology You Should Know

Is being a psychopath actually helpful? Is there such a thing as free will? What are the most evil things found in behavioural research? Are you really two consciousnesses? Can you diagnose personality disorders? In this topic you will explore, discuss and review research into all these areas and more, as we take a dive into the weirdest, most wonderful, and downright most bizarre areas of human behaviour – none of which are covered by any A Level or undergraduate degree in the country, providing you with an insight into higher-educational study, as well as providing an awareness of what potential careers in psychology could involve.

Religion: Alternatives to the Big Six

This course explores the more niche corners of faith and spirituality, moving away from 'The Big Six' (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism). From the rise of digital religions to the druidic rituals of Paganism, we will discover how thousands of people’s day to day lives are shaped by the beliefs that don’t conform with those we are most familiar with. To bring this course to life, we will use documentaries as the primary source of knowledge to facilitate our discussions. This is supported by the use of academic journal articles to ensure that you are able to explore these wonderful traditions through both a personal and academic lens. Using notes culminated during the course, the enrichment will conclude with a group discussion around what unites religious beliefs and practices. 

The Law Gazette

An exciting opportunity to carry out research on current legal affairs within a variety of different controversial areas of law. You will look at the most up to date and contested areas of law in order to create a legal magazine. This is a perfect chance for aspiring lawyers, journalists, researchers and writers.

The Victorians

A modern history course, accessible at a general interest level based on a series of lessons looking at the changes to British life and the wider world during the Victorian era. Each week you will look at a different topic such as ‘Chartism and the Extension of the Franchise’, ‘Railway Mania’, ‘The Crimean War’, ‘Public Health’, ‘Urbanisation, Factories and the Working Class’, ‘Gladstone and Disraeli’, ‘The British in India’, ‘Invention and Discovery in the Victorian Era’.

World Cinema

We look at foreign-language cinema from around the world and the issues raised by these films about the representations of cultural difference and similarity in cinema. Have a look beyond Hollywood and see what the rest of the planet is doing.