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The Pre-Professional pathway is based around a career, rather than an academic subject, and is designed to develop your understanding of a specific job role. You will learn about the skills and knowledge needed for a certain type of employment and in some cases have the opportunity to undertake a related work placement.


Do you want to be an accountant? The accounting enrichment will provide you with the knowledge and skills to start your professional journey into this lucrative career. This will provide the perfect pathway to gain an apprenticeship in accounting or to study accounting at the top universities. You will find out how organisations manage their money and will really get a feel for this career. Apprenticeship placements for companies such as KPMG pay up to £21,000 from the age of 18 and this course will give you a competitive edge in securing such a position. Kick-start your career with this enrichment!

Beginner's French

The aim of this course is to provide students with some useful vocabulary and phrases in French that they could use on holiday in a French-speaking country. We will practise role plays in everyday situations such as ordering food in a restaurant, shopping, asking for directions, etc. The course will also provide students with ideas and links to materials for further practice in French.

Students will get the chance to taste authentic food!

You will further your communication skills, as well as broadening your horizons and developing your cultural capital.

Beginner's Spanish Term 2 only

The aim of this course is to provide students with some useful vocabulary and phrases in Spanish that they could use on holiday in a Spanish-speaking country. We will practise role plays in everyday situations such as ordering food in a restaurant, shopping, asking for directions, etc. The course will also provide students with ideas and links to materials for further practice in Spanish.

You will further your communication skills, as well as broadening your horizons and developing your cultural capital.

Biomedical Science

This very popular enrichment will look at the crucial role of Biomedical Scientists within hospitals and the work done to support doctors in their diagnosis of disease. Students will look at the fields of Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, including parasitology, Histology and give students a chance to look at case studies to diagnose and develop laboratory skills in these areas by carrying out practical work in this subject. Students will be guided in independent study and present findings to strengthen communication skills. This is ideal for students wishing to go further in careers of Biomedical Sciences or the medical field and will give you a true insight into diagnostic testing.

Careers Involving Maths (Term 1 only)

Each week we will have a speaker from a profession in which maths plays a key role. e.g., accountancy, engineering, risk analysis, etc. The speaker will talk about how they use maths in their job. You will then have time to do some research on this career. If you know that you would like to use maths as part of your future career but you're not sure how then this is the enrichment for you!

Economic History

You’ll participate in a series of lectures on topics such as Thatcherism, the Nazi Economic Miracle, asset bubbles and speculative manias, and the Industrial Revolution. Then you’ll complete independent work on an essay for a competition.

Equality and Diversity (Term 1 only)

Our Equality and Diversity Awareness enrichment gives an overview of The Equality Act 2010, the 9 protected characteristics and some insights into the key statistics highlighting current levels of Equality and Diversity discrimination in the UK. Additional topics will include: identifying and preventing unconscious bias; avoiding indirect discrimination; and creating a culture of fairness and inclusion. Alongside researching these areas, students will research significant case studies and present their findings within the group. Finally, students will create resources for E&D related projects – BHM, Disability History Awareness Day, LGBT History Month; and video themselves reading children’s books to help tackle ‘literacy poverty’ and inequality.

This enrichment would be suitable for those intending to go into the following careers: health and social care; teaching; law; social work; housing; welfare rights; HR management; youth/community work.   

Games Design and Development

Students selecting Games Design and Development will form a small indie Games Studio and given a short brief for a game will split into different teams (Design or Development) and roles within those teams (e.g.  Artist, Sound Designer, UI Programmer). As a game studio they will work hard to create a game that matches the brief in the short timescale available.

Introduction to Creative Writing

Start the journey of becoming a prose writer. We will learn how to draw inspiration from the stories that matter to us; we will look at genre and how the conventions of this can inform our writing; we will create characters with depth; we will discuss structure and whether this a help or a hinderance in our writing; and we will create a piece of work at competition or graduate standard. Create something you can be proud of, develop new skills and maybe even get your work published.

Live Lounge

Are you a budding musician and want the opportunity to form a band while at college? During this enrichment (similar to Radio 1’s Live Lounge) you will work with other students to create a band and twist classic anthems by changing genres, and learn new styles to play on your instrument. This enrichment is a great way to develop your own skills as a musician and also allows you to build collaborative skills with other artists.


The Mandarin enrichment is delivered by the Confucius Institute from the University of Manchester, and helps you achieve the HSK certificate. This is an excellent addition for students who wish to develop and diversify in their learning of languages. As well as gaining a qualification, you will be learning a language that is at the centre of a developing commercial and technological world and would be useful to all students, not just those studying MFL. 

Mathematics Primary Masterclasses

If you love maths, it’s likely due to an amazing teacher, or an awesome lesson you had where things started to ‘click’. RSFC has partnered with The Royal Institution and local primary schools to provide the opportunity for you to teach interactive ‘masterclasses’ to groups of year 5/6 keen mathematicians and instil a love of maths that will last a lifetime.

Mooting / Debate Club

Develop and sharpen your debate and presentation skills and get ready to deal with some important legal topics of the day, for example: Teen defendants should be judged by teen juries; Should all police officers carry guns; Should the UK re-join the EU; Should we bring back to death penalty. You will have the opportunity to develop fantastic skills to help with any future legal career or to build your confidence generally. Skills include: Advocacy, research and structuring an argument; Attention to detail; Confidence and presentation skills.

Networking and Cyber Security

This is an introductory course into networking and Cisco’s Packet Tracer and aims to enable students with picking up network simulation skills along with basic aspect of Cyber Security and how to use various prevention tool.

Personal Finance and Budgeting

Learn the skills required to manage your finances. Everything from income tax to national insurance and inflation to VAT. You will also investigate how you pay back a student loan and analyse pay slips so you should never be underpaid whilst working. 


The Photoshop enrichment will allow you to harness your skillset with graphic design via the use of the industry software Adobe Photoshop. Here you will learn the art of manipulation through photography, text, colour design, that will enable you to produce products such as film posters, magazine covers and websites.


Pre-Nursing and Healthcare is designed for those interested in a career in nursing or in the wider healthcare sector. During these sessions, you will explore the roles and responsibilities of various healthcare professionals, including nursing, and what requirements are needed to join this challenging yet fulfilling sector. You will explore the variety of avenues that the healthcare sector has, such as nursing, midwifery, and radiography. Case studies will be explored and you will look at how to be effective healthcare practitioners. You will have the opportunity to speak to healthcare professionals, with guest speakers telling you about why they went into healthcare and what their role entails. If you are interested in this profession, this is the enrichment for you.


Pupils completing the pre-marketing will be set a real life business challenge from Manchester United. They will work as Business analysts and produce a proposal, presentation and any relevant marketing material to solve the problem.


Are you thinking about a career within education or working with young people? Then why not consider choosing the Pre-Teaching course. This enrichment will not only introduce you to the skills required for work in this sector but will also help you make connections with professionals in the local area. You will receive training from a local head teacher before joining a primary school for an 8-week placement where you will work directly with pupils in the Rochdale area. This is a great way to gain experience if you are considering applying for a teaching degree or pursuing a career in education.

Primary Maths Teaching (Term 1 only)

The Primary Maths Teaching enrichment will teach you about RI Masterclasses which are a series of workshops, organised by The Royal Institution, where year 5 students can explore mathematics outside the confines of the classroom, through hands-on extra-curricular workshops. The RI Masterclass series runs at primary level, and you will work with teams of dedicated volunteers and contributors who make masterclasses happen in Rochdale and across the UK. In association with the Royal Institution, you will receive training and support to plan a series of mathematics lessons to deliver to a group of year 5 primary school students. You will develop your organisational skills and learn about how to break down topics into manageable chunks to stretch the knowledge of our local primary students.  

Share Trading

The Share Trading course teaches the basics of making money by investing in the stock market. Through a simulation of the stock exchange, you will learn how the stock market works, how to analyse companies, and how to manage risks. The course also covers different trading strategies that can help you make smart investment decisions. This course gives you the knowledge and skills to make successful trades and earn money from the stock market.

Tarantino’s Universe

This is the perfect enrichment for anybody who has an interest in examining a director’s work more closely to determine what makes a director an auteur. A French word meaning author, these sessions examine closely Tarantino’s auteur status through reviewing his films to see what reoccurring themes and stylistic devices are across such modern classics as Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and The Hateful Eight. You will be equipped to review your own favourite directors and filmmakers whilst being able to critically, using film language, discuss what makes up Tarantino’s universe whilst also recreating the famous editing techniques on Premiere Pro.

Video Editing

A series of editing practical sessions using industry standard editing software Adobe Premiere Pro. Developing skills from continuity editing to shot reverse shots and sound bridges and more experimental editing techniques, extracts from classic films will be used to see these techniques in action with their associated meanings.