Wider Skills

These enrichment activities are offered in the second enrichment term, beginning in January 2022.

  • Be on a Jury
  • Brass Band
  • Cheerleading
  • Couch to 5K
  • Equality and Diversity Awareness
  • First Aid
  • Introduction to travelling and working abroad
  • Knitting for the homeless
  • Shuffling
  • Sign Language
  • Steer We Go - Driving Theory
  • Yoga

Brass Band

Brass Band is a weekly ‘Blow!’ once a week in the music department.  We will rehearse as a group and have a weekly ‘Brass Band Bulletin’ to find out what’s happening in your own band. Making you a better player and making better use of your practice time is also possible, but the priority is to come and enjoy having a good blow on your chosen instrument.


Cheerleading is a fun, competitive team sport that incorporates stunting, dance, jumps and gymnastics into an intense 2.5-minute routine.

Couch to 5K

This enrichment is aimed at those who CAN’T run but would like to.  It’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits, especially if you go to uni (take-aways and late nights?!)  Get into good habits now that will last a lifetime.  We start with a combination of walking and slow jogging to gradually build up to 5k.  You need a pair of trainers and to commit to doing a few extra sessions in your own time too.  If you want to start on a journey of getting fit and healthy then this is the enrichment for you.

First Aid

This 5-week enrichment is led by a qualified instructor who will introduce you to some of the basic elements of first aid. You will learn how to assess an emergency situation and administer first aid to a casualty in a variety of situations, ranging from the treatment of shock to the specific techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. At the end of this enrichment, if successful, you will gain a nationally recognised certificate in first aid at work.

Knitting for the Homeless

In this enrichment, you will learn how to knit and the items you produce will then be given to charity. Knitting is a brilliant skill to pick up, not only does it reduce stress and anxiety, having the same benefits as meditation, but it also improves your fine motor skills. This enrichment is a great way to learn a new skill, relax and help the homeless.


You will learn how to dance using the Melbourne Shuffle. The Melbourne shuffle is a rave dance that developed in the 1980s. Typically performed to electronic music, the dance originated in the Melbourne rave scene, and was popular in the 1980s and 1990s. The dance moves involve a fast heel-and-toe movement or T-step, combined with a variation of the running mancoupled with a matching arm action.

Sign Language

British Sign Language (or BSL) is a helpful skill to have if you ever want to communicate effectively with deaf people. It consists of hand movements, hand shapes, as well as facial expressions and lip patterns to demonstrate what people want to say. This 10 weeks course will teach you the basics of BSL. You will learn how to ask questions, find out how someone is, and have a conversation with someone using BSL.

Steer We Go - Driving Theory

This extremely popular programme covers everything you will need to know to pass your driving theory test! You will study the different aspects of the driving theory course, exploring the wide range of road signs and obscure laws that feature on the test. You will also complete a range of practice papers in a relaxed environment, work on the ‘hazard perception’ part of the course and even get to look under the bonnet of a car to test your technical knowledge.


The beginnings of yoga were developed over 5000 years ago and it is still popular today all over the world for its physical and mental benefits. In this enrichment, a qualified and highly experienced teacher will introduce to the basic skills and ideas of yoga. You will learn how to do some of the core yoga positions and work on a range of exercises to improve your core strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Beginners Guitar

Own a guitar? Actually learn to play it! From the basics of holding the guitar without hurting your fingers all the way to shredd Connect with other guitarists and musicians, hone your skills, improvise, jam, write music, write songs... Guitar playing is a hobby that will last a lifetime and it's never too late to your way through a dad-rock anthem, we'll cater for any ability level, ensuring that you, too, can learn enough Olivia Rodrigo to impress your hypothetical significant other!

Logic Puzzles

Nothing beats the feeling of solving a challenging puzzle! In this enrichment you will be presented with a wide variety of different and enjoyable puzzles to solve. You will be encouraged to work together and think creativity to find solutions.


The ancient game of chess has thrilled people through the ages. Whether you are new to the game or an experienced player, come along and learn how to play this fascinating game.

Equality and Diversity

Our Equality and Diversity Awareness enrichment gives an overview of The Equality Act 2010, the 9 protected characteristics and some insights into the key statistics highlighting current levels of Equality and Diversity discrimination in the UK. Additional topics will include: identifying and preventing unconscious bias; avoiding indirect discrimination; and creating a culture of fairness and inclusion. Alongside researching these areas, students will research significant case studies and present their findings within the group. This enrichment would be suitable for those intending to go into the following careers: health and social care; teaching; law; social work; housing; welfare rights; HR management; youth/community work.

Welcome to the Metaverse

With Mark Zuckerberg recently announcing the re-branding of Facebook to Metaverse are we increasingly moving towards further integration with the digital space and a rejection of the physical world. This enrichment will explore the future of digital technology and the online world. Looking at the rise of Metaverse technology, NTF’s, crypto gaming and augmented reality and what impact these will have on society and are own lifestyle.


This martial art descends from samurai battlefield tactics developed in feudal Japan but has been modernised for self-defence today. Aikido’s focus on joint locks and spiral throws are designed for energetic efficiency to overpower bigger, stronger attackers. The skills and strength that you will develop on the mat will translate as improved confidence and focus under pressure in your daily life.